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Hi. My name is Alan Toribio and I am a guitarist based out of Portland, Oregon. I've been playing in various bands around the area for thirty-odd years. This site is meant to let people know a little about me and the bands I play with and when I'm playing. (I'll try to keep the calendar updated!) I'll also put up some of the posters I've made, just for the hell of it. And whateverthehell else I feel like posting. We'll see...





Current Bands:


Mexican Gunfight

I've been playing music with these gents in various bands for decades. Good old school Rock and Americana.

Photo by mirifoto


Kris Deelane and the Hurt

This nine-piece Motown/Soul band is just plain crazy, sweaty fun!

photo by mirifoto

Ogan Band deck photo.jpg

The Gary Ogan Band

Gary's the real deal. Been around a long time. Brilliant singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. From bluesy and rockin' stuff to jazzy and sophisticated pop songs, he keeps it interesting. I have a blast playing with Gary and the rest of the great musicians in the band!

aladdin 2015.jpg

The Floydian Slips

Started on a lark back in '97, this nine-piece Pink Floyd extravaganza just keeps going. It helps that we tend to only play a couple of shows a year. It's always a great time and we have a killer crew of sound and lighting folks that put us over the top!

photo by Carlton Ward

2017 promo2sm.jpg

Kerosene Dream

This band's heyday was the mid 90s to the early 2000s but we still get together once in awhile to bust out those great old tunes. It's a mix of acoustic based rock and americana with some great harmonies over the top.

BFB photo.jpeg

Bart Ferguson and the Edward Stanley Band

After Kerosene Dream's original run, Bart put his own band together. I eventually joined up and we've playing now for many years. Another great mix of original songs and good rockin' covers makes it a party every time!